Cherry & Grape Mini Duo


Please make sure you read about our 10 DAY CONDITIONING PERIOD before using your lip plumper!

Introducing CandyLipz Latest Touch-Up on The Go Lip Plumper Series: The Mini Cherry Lip Plumper (One Size Fits All)

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The CandyLipz mini cherry & grape lip plumpers are a cute addition to our Original CandyLipz models.

This mini version lip plumper is used as a touch-up plumper when you are out and about. It is tiny and adorable- weighing only 2.7 ounces. It is about 1/2 the size of your original apple or licorice models. You can take it with you anywhere. Tuck it in your purse or jacket side pocket. It is so easy to get the perfect pouty BIG lips On the Go with CandyLipz!

Important: For extreme lip pluming results, you need to get our original lip plumpers: Model A, Model B, Model C, or Model D. Our original lip plumpers are very powerful and they can enlarge even the most resistant lips. If you have have thin lips, it is a must for you to get our original models. If you are not looking for extreme lip plumping and want just plump lips, you can try out this model.

About the Mini Lip Plumper: This is a soft form lip plumper. This style is different from our hard form Original lip plumpers. The mini plumper shapes are bendable. The appearance of the product may look distorted but it does not affect the function of the plumper.

You will receive:

  • 1 x red mini cherry plumper
  • 1 x green mini grape plumper
  • 2 x blockers (1 inside each plumper)
  • 2 x jelly mouth cushions (1 inside each plumper)

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