The CandyLipz Red Apple

The CandyLipz Red Apple

The CandyLipz red apple is our standard single-lobed style. It accommodates lips up to 2 inches wide for individuals with thin to average lip size.


The CandyLipz red apple can be used in a variety of ways:

1. It can create an extremely pouty upper lip. Take a look at the before and after images of the amazing transformations below. To achieve this look, the CandyLipz red apple’s design elevates the double-arches of the Cupid’s bow which forces the philtrum to appear shorter- creating a pronounced upper lip. If you like a short philtrum with a youthful pout, the red apple style is for you.



To create this look, use the red apple as shown in the position illustrated below. In this position, you allow 100% suction to go through the upper lip chamber. This is why the upper lip looks bigger than the lower lip.




2. You can use the CandyLipz red apple on the upper or lower lip separately by using a blocker and a mouth cushion. For example, if you already have a large lower lip and want to enlarge just the upper lip, use the red apple as illustrated below.



3. If you have a thin lower lip, revert the lip plumper to enlarge just the lower lip as shown in the illustration below.



4. If you have nearly equal upper and lower lips, you can use the red lip plumper with the back logo on the top chamber. By using this technique, your lower lip will be fuller than the upper lip because more suction is now coming in from the bottom chamber.


CandyLipz is easy to use. It is fun! You can experiment with these techniques to find which look brings harmony and beauty to your face.

Tip: If you have full lips or a lip width of 2 inches or over, use the blue licorice lip plumper.

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