All About The CandyLipz Mini Travel Size Plumpers

All About The CandyLipz Mini Travel Size Plumpers

Have you heard on the grapevine that CandyLipz now have adorable, teeny tiny plumpers that will slip into your purse or jacket pocket?! Well, the rumors are true and they have just landed in Australia!

Please read on for a detailed and honest report of the new line of CandyLipz plumpers - the Mini Travel Size Cherry and Grape versions.

Unboxing these gorgeous little additions was quite exciting!

First of all, when taking the lid off, we found that these little beauties don't have a screw thread base/lid like the original plumpers. These mini bases are silicon and they just peel off.

Once the base has been removed, you will find your blocker (if you need to plump one lip by itself) and Jelly Mouth Cushion inside the mouth piece. We noticed that the Jelly Mouth Cushion was folded and squished into the top of the plumper, but due to the flexible material that the cushion is made from, even though it may look a little deformed or squished, after you use it a few times (give it a week or two of regular use) it will soften and mould to the rim of your device perfectly. The warmth from your skin allows this to happen.

The appearance of the inside of the plumpers are different to the standard models. The mini versions do not have a solid plastic mouth piece, they have a bendable interior! 
At first we thought this was a defect, but soon realised that they are all like this and it doesn't affect the use of the device at all. We actually found this softer material inside was more comfortable for our lips!

Lets talk about when we put the plumpers to the test for the first time, because you may (or may not) experience similar findings.

After using the original models (apples & liquorice) for a couple of years, we found the mini plumpers quite different.
We were used to compressing the large apples from the bottom and the liquorice models from the sides, before applying them to our lips.
When we attempted to use this same compression method on the mini plumpers, we found they were incredibly hard to compress.
The first time they are compressed, you may hear a crackling sound. That is just the silicon, don't stress, this is normal and the plumper isn't breaking.
They are very stiff at first. It will take several weeks or more of using the device daily (the more you use it the better!) for the silicon to soften up enough to make compressing it easily. You could attempt letting it run under hot water to help it soften quicker. 

 Getting suction was not easy at first. It was even frustrating at times. We found that due to the smaller compression chamber, while the silicon was still hard, it was not as easy as the larger original models to get our lips plumped up.
Once the silicon had softened, we found them SO much easier to use and were able to even get our lips almost as large as with the apple plumpers.

The easiest way we have found to get great suction with the mini plumpers, is to push the plumper against our skin before compressing them. Push the device tightly against your lips, then at the same time as swallowing air out of the plumper, compress the plumper from the bottom with both hands, ensuring you are keeping the tight seal intact and no air is escaping. If you are having trouble with the device staying in place, you may need to hold it in place until you get the hang of it, or, you may find your own unique way to use the mini plumper! If you do, let us know in the comments section below. We'd love to hear about it!

CONCLUSION: We were not sure about the mini plumpers at first. After giving them a really good go, we have come to the agreement that they are a fantastic addition to the CandyLipz range. They are wonderful to keep in your car, handbag, desk draw, jacket pocket etc for touch up plumping during the day/night. Plump to the max with your original style CandyLipz, then during the day you can 'touch up' your pout with the mini version. Once that silicon has softened, they are actually pretty amazing.
We used to carry our larger plumpers in our bags, but have now traded them in for the mini versions because they really do take up far less room!
If you don't require the extreme plumping results from the original style plumpers and are only looking to get a subtle (but noticeable) pout, then we highly recommend you invest in one of these mini ones.


We hope this blog entry has helped you and answered any questions you may have had! If you still need help, please send us an email via our Contact Form and we're more than happy to assist.


Happy plumping! 



  • Sonya Gutierrez says...

    Just Curious if the mini works without using the Actual Large Apple ?

    On Dec 02, 2017

  • Catrina Maduro says...

    Good day,
    I have purchased the mini red apple and the blue liquorice plumper. I did the blue one the first night a few times and the next day i have bruising as expected. I use the comb and cream recommended. I’m haven’t used any for today will be two days. I start back tomorrow but aren’t sure if the red apple is better during the conditioning period over the blue one. Any advice also saw that the plumper clear cover isn’t o be used for a few weeks. Is that true as well. Thank you for ur time.

    On Oct 06, 2016

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