The Importance Of Your CandyLipz Night Time Application

You may have heard us mention the night time application before and wondered what it was all about. Well, this night time application is your golden ticket to longer lasting, long term results!

Night time application is really important, to help you train your lips to stay fuller long term.
When you plump your lips at bed time, your lip tissues have time to build, rebuild and to produce collagen fibres, while you are sleeping.
Doing this consistently, may allow you to not have to plump so frequently during the day. Your lips will stay fuller for longer and you will notice that lip wrinkles, groves and smokers lines begin to disappear.

The process is simple! Use the Model D (blue) or if you have a very small mouth, use the Model B (red), to make your lips as large as you can get them, right before you go to bed.
You may like to use the blocker in the top chamber, where your top lip would normally go, Then use the open lower section to plump both lips separately. 
By using this method, you will get your lips MASSIVE. Exactly what you need to be doing right before going to sleep

While you are not talking or moving, your lips can stay full for up to 5 or 6 hours! Most people find their lips are still quite full in the morning when they wake up.

Make this a part of your nightly routine and you will see the long term benefits in as little as a few months.

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