Can't Get Suction With Your CandyLipz? Try These Tips!!


Here are a few tips of the trade that may assist you in getting better suction with your CandyLipz lip plumper!

We all struggle to get good suction sometimes, but the good news is that there are things you can try to help with this!

1. Brand New Pumps.

Brand new pumps tend to be quite stiff. The sillcon hasn't had a chance to become flexible yet - but don't worry! After a few weeks of continued uses, your CandyLipz will loosen up and become easier to compress. Basically, the more you use it, the better it will be!
After a few months, you will find it SO much easier to use. It will compress easily and you will get much better suction with it!
Practice compressing it as much as you can, you may even like to run it under some warm water to soften it up a bit before using it.

2. Jelly Mouth Cushion.

The Jelly Mouth Cushion was designed to increase suction and to seal up any gaps that may be allowing air to get out which will decrease suction. The cushion will surely solve ALL your suction problems!
We don't recommend using them during the 10 Day Conditioning Period, only because they will increase your cupping marks. However, If you are really struggling with suction, please, go forth and use the cushion!
That tiny piece of clear jelly will change your life and take your plumping to the next level!

3. Moisture.

Right before you plump your lips, try putting a light film of moisturiser on your lips and around your mouth. This always helps me! 
I have also found that if I apply some lip balm before plumping, this helps too!
The same goes for putting a little water around the inside rim of your CandyLipz plumper. Instant suction!

4. Swallowing Air.

The best 'hot tip' I can give you, is to make sure you swallow air out of the pump! If there is too much air inside the pump, it will probably not stay on your lips for as long as you'd like it too!
When you compress your pump and bring it up to your mouth, take a few mouthfuls of air out of the pump and swallow them! This will ensure you get a fantastic suction!
If you can feel air creeping back in, simply hold the pump tightly against your lips and compress the pump while its on your mouth! This will enable you to swallow more air out of it. Doing this a couple of times should get you a very strong grip!

5. Single Lip Plumping.

My favourite thing to do when I'm having a 'bad suction day' is to plump one lip at a time. My favourite model to do this with, is the CandyLipz Model D. I put the blocker in the top part and then put a Jelly Mouth Cushion around the rim. I use the large open bottom chamber to plump each lip separately. This is a way to get your lips HUGE. 
You will probably need to hold your plumper in place while you do this, but after you are a pro, you should be able to do it hands free! 
It may take a little playing around to see which angle is the best to get perfect suction while you plump one lip, but once you find that sweet spot, you will become obsessed with doing it this way! Promise!




These are my very best tips for increasing suction! If you have a tip that isn't listed here, please tell us about it! You can leave it below in the comments, or email it to us and we will add your 'hot tip' to this blog  and credit you!

Please share this post with a friend who may be having suction problems!

Happy plumping!



  • Barbara says...

    OMGosh this page made my day! Just received my Candylipz green apple, it was sooo hard to compress, but when I read this, I did the tips (like sucking the air out, etc) and got a good firm grip-first time just did 30 seconds and I love it! I little bruising, but I can see it working. This is a tool to go with my anti aging regime, to keep me Timeless and Gorgeous :) thank you, CandyLipz!

    On Oct 26, 2017

  • Lise Martino says...

    Just got my candylipz and I’ve been really struggling to get it to a) give suction at all and b) keep the suction going. I have stuck to the technique perfectly, checking it on all the YouTube videos, but only the very front of my lips seem to be affected! A bit like this : ➖❤️➖ I have the green apple. I think that my lips are a normal width horizontally, but a bit thin. Do you think that it is too small?

    On Jul 27, 2017

  • Chelsea says...

    I just got my CandyLipz yesterday and tried it for the first time. It fits my mouth fine and it seems to suction correctly, but my lips don’t change shape. Please help me :( I have the model B lip plumper.

    On Nov 25, 2016

  • GIna says...

    Please help I have had my Candy Lips plumper for 2 months and only got it right once! What am I doing wrong ?

    On Oct 29, 2016

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