Blue Lips and Extended Bruising With CandyLipz Could Be Caused By Low Iron Levels

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, I am only sharing my personal experience on this topic. If you are unsure, please seek advice from your doctor or holistic therapist.
You may have heard me mention before, that my conditioning period lasted a lot longer than I'd anticipated. I bruised and had very blue lips for about 3 weeks.
I could cover the bruises with makeup reasonably easily, but as someone who doesn't wear lipstick, it was a little difficult to cover the blue lips I was sporting.
I was so worried that maybe CandyLipz wasn't for me.
Before I purchased CandyLipz, I had looked into having lip injections. This was a last resort, I desperately wanted fuller lips, but injecting a man-made synthetic substance into my face was not appealing to me. I much preferred to be able to do it naturally.
I really wanted my CandyLipz to work so badly. I saw tonnes of amazing results from happy customers online, so I knew that it worked.

I almost gave up.....I'm glad I didn't. I am a very determined person, I don't give up too easily, I just had to do a bit of troubleshooting before I decided that it wasn't going to work for me.

When I was reading over information on the official CandyLipz website, where I purchased my lip plumper, in their 'Side Effects' section, I read that if your bruises are lasting more than 2 weeks, you are very likely anaemic and you should stop plumping, increase your iron levels and then try again in 2 weeks time.

So I looked at my diet. I am quite a healthy person, but seeing as I have suffered low iron in the last, it was a high probability that this may have been the culprit for my lips making me look a little like Smurfette.

We had some SpaTone liquid iron in the cupboard, so I decided to start taking it and see what happened. I have always had issues with iron supplements in tablet form. They cause my stomach to have issues and they reap havoc on my digestive system, but SpaTone is 100% natural, is easily and faster absorbed into your body and it is gentle on your stomach.
After about 1 week of taking 2 sachets, I dropped it down to 1 sachet per day, as soon as I get up in the morning and it has worked WONDERS for me! I am so happy that I persevered with it. The couple of weeks of bruising was tough, thinking it was never going to end, but the solution for me was boosting my iron levels.

I have had quite a number of people also tell me that this has worked well for them too, so I'm not alone!

Did you know that iron is a vital nutrient for carrying oxygen around the blood? It makes perfect sense that my blood oxygen levels must have been very low, which is why my lips were so blue!!!

CandyLipz really does work, I happily plump my lips several times a day now and do not experience these symptoms anymore.

If you are experiencing similar problems, before you give up on your lip plumper, take a look at your diet, get a blood test to check your iron levels if you'd prefer, and work on why you may have continued bruising.
The cupping marks can be relieved quite easily by massaging our organic Bruise-Be-Gone oil blend into the effected area as often as needed. The active ingredients are specifically for treating bruises.

Please keep in mind though, if you have severe anaemia, CandyLipz is not recommended for you.

I hope this post has helped you! If it has, please share with a friend who may have had these symptoms and leave a comment down below!
K xox
  • Angie A says...

    Thanks for the feedback . I have had my plumper (s) for two months now and my lips still bruise and turn blue within two hours of using it . Of course by the next day my lips are fine until I use the plumper again. I am slightly enemic so I bet that’s what’s causing it . I was so upset that I spent $100 on these plumpers and they weren’t for me . I did use to take iron pills as well but they really upset my stomach too. I’m going to try the iron pills you have them try the plumper once again . Thanks again

    On May 05, 2017

  • Amanda says...

    Thank you so much for Sharing ur experience, I had the same effect when first trying it and my lios turned dark blue/purple and bruising above and below my lips. I was so sad thinking I was one of those ppl who wouldn’t be able to use the lip plumper. The bruising is almost gone and the blue has lightened, I had no idea that it could be because of iron levels. Which I know I’ve always been anemic and have had to take iron pills before, maybe I should start taking them again and retry the plumper after a few weeks. This has been very helpful and have new hope, thank you.

    On Feb 11, 2017

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