• CandyLipz- A Clinical Trial Study of Cupping Marks

    CandyLipz- A Clinical Trial Study of Cupping Marks

    It’s been proven that under this study’s conditions, when used as directed, the CandyLipz Lip Plumping System is safe. Safety was assessed over a 56-day treatment period in accordance with use instructions outlined in Appendix 1.

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  • All About The CandyLipz Mini Travel Size Plumpers

    All About The CandyLipz Mini Travel Size Plumpers


    Have you heard on the grapevine that CandyLipz now have adorable, teeny tiny plumpers that will slip into your purse or jacket pocket?! Well, the rumors are true and they have just landed in Australia! Please read on for a detailed and honest report of the new line of CandyLipz plumpers - the Mini Travel Size Cherry and Grape versions. Unboxing these gorgeous little additions was quite exciting! First of all, when taking the lid off, we found that these little beauties don't have a screw thread base/lid like the original plumpers. These mini bases are silicon and they just peel...

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  • The CandyLipz Red Apple

    The CandyLipz Red Apple

    The CandyLipz red apple is our standard single-lobed style. It accommodates lips up to 2 inches wide for individuals with thin to average lip size.   The CandyLipz red apple can be used in a variety of ways: 1. It can create an extremely pouty upper lip. Take a look at the before and after images of the amazing transformations below. To achieve this look, the CandyLipz red apple’s design elevates the double-arches of the Cupid’s bow which forces the philtrum to appear shorter- creating a pronounced upper lip. If you like a short philtrum with a youthful pout, the...

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  • The Importance Of Your CandyLipz Night Time Application

    You may have heard us mention the night time application before and wondered what it was all about. Well, this night time application is your golden ticket to longer lasting, long term results! Night time application is really important, to help you train your lips to stay fuller long term. When you plump your lips at bed time, your lip tissues have time to build, rebuild and to produce collagen fibres, while you are sleeping. Doing this consistently, may allow you to not have to plump so frequently during the day. Your lips will stay fuller for longer and you...

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  • CandyLipz Australia Reviews - Happy Customers!

    Read what real users have to say about CandyLipz! All the photos below were submitted on Instagram, by happy customers of CandyLipz Australia.                                                                                      

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  • CandyLipz Australia Reviews - Blogger & Vlogger Reviews

    Since launching CandyLipz Australia in February 2015, we have had several people do first impression videos. None of these are paid reviews, they are the honest opinion of the individuals. Some of these people purchased product for their own personal use and decided to make a video about it, some were winners in our giveaway contests we hold on Instagram and some were gifted product by us to see what they thought of CandyLipz!   The absolutely gorgeous, Bec, from Beauty With Bec, has done a review of CandyLipz on her blog! Check it out HERE. If you are into...

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